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Pondarosa Ranch

Sat, 11-May-2019

Competition Name
Pondarosa Ranch Graded and Recreational Showing, Show Jumping and Stadium Eventing

Entry Close On

Course Designer
Lande Willemse

Payment To
S Eggersglusz


Classes to start at 08h30

Entry Message

Recreational Show Jumping
R150.00 per class
Graded Show Jumping
R250.00 per class
ALL SJ Classes are affiliated to SAEF and SASJ and SASJ levies are
included in entry fee
Stadium Eventing Classes
R200.00 per rider/horse combination
Showing Open Graded classes
Showing Novice Graded classes, lead rein classes, First Pony, Western classes and Strictly Come Showing
R130.00 per class
In Hand classes
R100.00 per class
Late entries will be accepted - surcharge of R100.00 per class entered
Entries Close
5 May 2019
20 show stables available at R150.00 per stable including initial bedding
Additional sawdust available at R20.00 per bag
Stables will only be booked on receipt of booking form and proof of payment
emailed to


Entry Close Message

Entries close on 5 May 2019. Late entries will be accepted with a penalty of R100 per class.

Ground Levy Message

All SAEF, FEI and SASJ ground rules will apply.  The Organizers reserve the right to cancel, combine or restrict classes should entries so warrant or according to prevailing circumstances.  SAEF, SASJ nor Pondarosa Ranch nor their representatives shall be held responsible for any loss, damage, theft, injury or death sustained by horses, riders, appointed officials, the public or their property. All mounted riders must wear hard hats.

Tracy de Klerk 0833024213

Pondorosa Ranch

Vet Inspections


Prize Money will be a minimum 40% of total class entry fees, less all levies plus sponsorship if available. Recreational classes: Rosettes only.

Terms And Conditions
  1. This show will be run under the rules of SAEF, SASJ and SAEQA and all relevant rules and regulations apply.
  2. The SAEF, SASJ and SAEQA levies have been included in the entry fee.
  3. The Organising Committee, the Show Holding Body, SAEF, SASJ, SAEQA and Pondarosa Ranch cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, death or injury to people, horses or property whatsoever. All competitors and spectators enter the premises entirely at their own risk.
  4. Sponsors, owners, riders, horses and ponies must be registered with SAEF, SASJ, SAEQA and the Primary Club of choice in the Riders/Owners Geo-Political area, for the 2018 subscription year as at the closing date of entry. Entries out of order at closing date will be forfeited.
  5. Equitation classes will run under SEAQA National Rules (2nd Edition 2014) and Annexure B of SASJ Rules unless otherwise stated. For the graded classes, all riders and horses need to be registered with SEAQA.  Membership forms are available on Non-graded riders may register for free on  The height jumped in an equitation test may not be higher than the graded jumping height for a horse and rider combination.
  6. In the interest and welfare of the horse, horses and ponies may only compete in 2 classes per day
  7. Late entries will be accepted with a surcharge of R100.00 in addition to the class entry fee. Entries without proof of payment will not be accepted.
  8. Any requests for a specific riding order MUST be emailed to the SHB. It is the responsibility of the competitor to make sure their entries have been received.
  9. The Show Holding Body reserves the right to alter or vary the programme in light of prevailing conditions at their discretion. Junior and Adult classes may be combined if there are less than 3 entries per class. Placings will be awarded separately
  10. Should the show be cancelled, not postponed, then 70% of entry fees will be refunded
  11. As per FEI Article 256. 1.4, It is compulsory for all persons to wear a properly fastened protective headgear with a three point retention harness at all times when mounted. Competitors shall wear the correct dress for competitions.
  12. Stabling will be allocated by the Pondarosa Ranch Stable Manager and alteration of stabling allocation may only be made with prior consent of the Stable Manager.  Special requests should be indicated on stable booking form.  Competitors may erect own day paddocks in designated area at own risk. Horses and/or ponies may not overnight in day paddocks.
  13. Parking in designated areas only. Dogs must be on leads (there will be a FINE of R50 for unleashed dogs).
  14. All stallions must have a yellow disc on both sides of the bridle or have a yellow ribbon in the tail.
  15. Equine Flu Vacs must be administered within 6 months + 21 days of the date of the event. No horse may compete in the 7 days after the vaccination. AHS VACCINATIONS MUST BE IN ORDER


Additional Notes

Important Documents

Entry Closed On 2019-05-05

Name Quantity Value
Stabling will be available at a cost of R 150 per day/night. Initial bedding will be provided with additional sawdust available at R20.00 per bag 19 R150.00 each
Camping available at R350.00 per stand per night with hot showers, toilets and designated braai area 9 R350.00 each
0 R0.00 each





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