2019 FORMS


2019 SAEF Change of Ownership Form - download

2019 SASJ Club Activation Form - download

2019 SASJ SHB Registration Form - download

2019 SASJ SLA for all Registered SHB and National/FEI Shows - download

2019 SHB Show Requirement Check List 

2019 SASJ Membership Fees ( Online Registration) - download

SASJ Substitution Form

SASJ Bought and Sold Entry Form

SASJ Change of Horse Name Form - download


others coming soon


Online Rankings 

Online Rankings Table of Points


Officials - Course Designers
Course Designers List

FEI Course for Promotion to FEI Level 2 Course Designer Invitation                  

Kyalami Park 7-12 May 2014

FEI Levels in Principle - Course Design
FEI Course Designers Log Book

Course Designer Education & Promotional System

Knowledge & Skill Requirements - Introductory Level CD to be promoted to Provincial Level 1
Knowledge & Skill Requirements - Provincial Level 1 CD to be promoted to Provincial Level 2
Knowledge & Skill Requirements - Provincial Level 2 CD to be promoted to Provincial Level 3
Knowledge & Skill Requirements - Provincial Level 3 CD to be promoted to FEI Level 1







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