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Thu, 16-Mar-2017
Fri, 17-Mar-2017
Sat, 18-Mar-2017
Sun, 19-Mar-2017

Competition Name
EQUIDOME MASTERS Adults and Juniors 16- 19 March 2017

Entry Close On

Course Designer
Kate Launder RSA 2*

Payment To
Standard Bank


Will be available online on SASJ and the Equidome website.


Entry Message

All entries must be done on the SASJ website

OPEN Classes:                       R 1 200.00 composite entry fee for all 3 x Open Classes 

Adult 1.00m -1.20M Classes:   R 1 050.00 composite entry fee for 3 x classes (Maximum 50 entries first come first served basis)

Junior Classes:                      R 900-00 composite entry for 3x classes (Maximum 30 entries per class.)

STABLING:                             R 700.00 for the duration of the show

Entry Close Message

Entries will not be accepted without proof of payment and accompanied by the correct entry fee on the day that you have submit your entry online. 

Riders are requested to advise the organising committee when an entry is for sale, NO ENTRIES MAY BE SOLD ON except through the OC. The organising committee will endeavour to sell these entries on the rider’s behalf.

Substitutions- No buying or selling of entries will be allowed after closing date of the show Thursday 9 March 2017.

 Substitutions of RIDERS only  must be on the correct paperwork and lodged with the President of the Ground Jury within the required timelines. A horse may also be sustituted, substitution of a horse and rider will NOT be permitted as this constitutes the BUYING of an entry.

Ground Levy Message

NO DOGS will be allowed on EQUIDOME property! For your peace of mind and ours please leave all pets at home.

Show Secretary: Nicole Muller Email: finance@equidome.co.za Show Organiser: Jonathan Harrison Email: Shows@equidome.co.za

EQUIDOME, 475 Papenfus Road, Beaulieu, Midrand

Vet Inspections
Date: 16.05.2016 Vet Inspection- ALL OPEN HORSES: 07H00. Stallions first followed by the other horses, should you miss the stallion inspection, you will only be able to present your stallion AFTER all the other horses have been vetted.


Minimum of 60% for CN Status classes + sponsorship if obtained will be distributed overall at the discretion of the organising committee subject to SASJ General Regulations.

A deduction of 15% from the open classes prize money will be made and paid to the SASJ International Riders’ Fund

Prize Money for all other classes will be a minimum of 40% excluding levies.

See attached schedule for Guaranteed Prize money for all Classes.



All prize winners to be mounted and correctly dressed when entering arena. The Organizing Committee may restrict the numbers of athletes to present them for the prize giving

Terms And Conditions

Neither the Equidome, SASJ or SAEF nor their representatives will be responsible for any loss, damages, theft or injury sustained by horses, riders, appointed officials, the public or their property whatsoever.

The Equidome reserves the right to cancel, combine or divide classes should this, in the opinion of The Equidome in conjunction with the President of the Ground Jury and SASJ representative become necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, provided that in doing so no FEI /SASJ rules are contravened. NO Open entry will be allowed to move into the 1.20m classes without the express permission of the Organising Committee. Should this be allowed under NO circumstances would that horse be allowed back into the OPEN classes.

Will be Available for Riders & Grooms - Canteen, Coffee Shop, Club House and VIP Gallery

Additional Notes

All horses entered in the open classes must have been presented at the horse inspection and hold a valid FEI or SAEF passport. Competitors will be fined for passport infringements in accordance with SAEA General Regulations Appendix GR/B. Veterinary inspection for ALL OPEN horses will take place on Thursday 16 March 2017 at 07h00.

The ONLY Horse inspection for those horses considering entering the Open Equidome Masters Championships will be on Thursday 16th March 2017 at 07:00 followed by the Stallion inspection followed by the inspection for all other horses. Any Stallions not presented at that time will only be accepted at the end of the inspection.


Entry Closed On 2017-03-09