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Sat, 25-Feb-2017
Sun, 26-Feb-2017

Competition Name
The Equidome Post Valentines Show. (Çause we love you!)

Entry Close On

Course Designer
Brett Webber

Payment To
Standard Bank


Please Note: No programmes will be available. Running Orders will be online

Entry Message


  • Entries will be accepted on a "first come, first served" basis - maximum 220 entries. Please check your banking beneficiary details are current for our shows, see above. No entries will be deemed “accepted” unless we have received your POP. Proof of Payment must be emailed to: finance@equidome.co.za
  • Entries for the Recreational show Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February R190-00.
  • Please confirm with Jonathan by closing date that we have received your entry & payment advice. Entries received will be posted on the Equidome website after closing date for you to check.
  • The organisers reserve the right to cancel and/or alter the programme should they deem it necessary. Late or entries unaccompanied by the correct entry fee will not be accepted.
  • Current FEI, SAEF & SASJ Showjumping rules apply to this show.
  • Competitors are required to be correctly dressed.
  • Neither the Equidome, FEI, SAEF, nor SASJ, its officials or representatives shall in any way be held responsible for any loss, damage, theft or injury sustained by horses, riders, appointed officials, the public or FEI property at the show, whether caused by, or resulting from this show. 
  • All completed rounds will score EquiDome grading points.

Entry Close Message

Entries close on 2'2 February 2017. The showholding body reserves the right to accept late entries.



Ground Levy Message

We do love pets, but please leave your pets at home , for your peace of mind and ours.

Contact Jonathan Harrison at Shows@equidome .co.za Payments Nicole Muller finance@equidome.co.za Tel 011468 1626

Equidome, Beaulieu

Vet Inspections


Prize money and Rosettes or Medals, and EquiDome grading points. 


Terms And Conditions

The Event will be conducted under current SAEF, SASJ and Equidome rules

The Equidome, SAEF, the Organizing Committee, SASJ, any Sponsors and/or Officials shall in no way be held responsible for any damage, loss, theft or injury sustained by horses, owners, riders, competitors, appointed officials, members of the public or any other person or their property whatsoever.

The showholding body reserves the right to combine or Handicap classes.


Canteen, Coffee Shop, Club House and VIP Gallery

Additional Notes

Entry Closed On 2017-02-20