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Port Elizabeth Riding Club

Fri, 22-Feb-2019
Sat, 23-Feb-2019
Sun, 24-Feb-2019

Competition Name
PE Riding Club Feb Show - RECREATIONAL only

Entry Close On

Course Designer
Gregg Pienaar

Payment To
Standard Bank


Entry Message

All recreational classes will cost R120.
All 90cm - 1m classes will cost R150 per entry.
All 1:10m - 1:25m classes will cost R160 per entry.
1:30m and above will cost R170 per entry.

Entry fees for Show Jumping classes include the following levies:
SASJ Levy, EDTS Levy and PERC Admin/Medic levy per class.

Entry Close Message

Ground Levy Message

Please also take note that competitors do not have to be
members of the PERC to compete, however a temporary
membership of R200 for Recreational riders and R300 for Graded riders will be applicable.
There are ungraded or little league memberships available for
recreational classes.



Vet Inspections


A minimum of 40% prize money will be paid out after levies have been deducted.

Recreational 50cm, 60cm and 90cm and above = Rosettes

Terms And Conditions
  1. Payments are due on the closing date, late paymets will incur the late entry fee.

  2. We regret that no horse may enter the show without a horse flu vaccination and AHS, please complete details (date & batch number) on entry form.

  3. NO refunds/credits will be made in respect of cancellations and scratchings after closing date of entries.

  4. Times will be up on the notice board 24 hours prior to the commencement of a show, and the final programme will be e mailed to all members of the PERC. Non-Members may send the club secretary an e-mail requesting the programme and it will be forwarded. NO times will be given over the phone.

  5. Please note that the only time that is exact is the starting time for the day, all other events will run on.

  6. Please Note: the Organizing Committee reserves the right to combine, vary, divide or cancel classes if insufficient entries are received. .

  7. Insofar as possible, the program and conditions relating thereto will be adhered to. However, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to make alterations in the event of unfavorable weather conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances and should the show be cancelled for any reason only 50% of entry fees will be refunded. No entries will be refunded if the show is postponed.

  8. SAEF, the DSA, SASA, SAEQA AND SASJ or the PERC, the organizers and any officials appointed by these shall in no way be held responsible for any damage, loss, injury sustained by owners, competitors, members of the public or any other person or persons or their property at the PE Riding Club for the duration of show.

  9. In all jumping classes juniors and adults will be combined.

  10. Depending on entries; classes may be combined and/or handicapped and separate prizes will not be awarded. 

  11. Any entry fees for classes include the following levies:
    SHOW JUMPING: SASJ Levy (Recreational - R15.00; Pony Rider and Junior R40; Adult 90cm – 1.25m R40, Adult 1.30 upwards R60) and R5.13 EDTS Levy per class.
    All classes include a R30 show administration/medic fee.

  12. By entering a stallion at the PERC, the competitor & owner agree to the following conditions & agree to abide by the following protocol:

    1. Competition stallions remain the responsibility of the owner & rider at all times & they are expected to have public liability against any loss, injury or damage that might be caused by the stallion

    2. It is the responsibility of the owner & rider to ensure that the stallion cannot exit the stable allocated to it on its own/or with the help of another horse or uninformed person.

    3. The stallion may only be removed from the stable during the show for exercise & preparation/competition & only in the presence of a responsible handler or rider.

    4. Under NO circumstances shall the covering of mares be allowed to take place at the PERC premises.

    5. All stallions must wear a yellow tag on their bridle’s at all times.


  14. The show holding body of the PERC reserves the right to limit entries, depending on the total number of entries received per class.

  15. All non-members will be required to pay R200 recreational riders or R300 for graded riders for the duration of the show.

  16. Show Jumping: Bought entries close noon the day before the show starts. No bought entries will be accepted after this.

  17. Upgrades and downgrades are permitted, however, it is the responsibility of the rider to ensure he/she has the correct points. Failure to do this may result in disciplinary action.

  18. Show Jumping: Any horse / rider substituting must be completely registered in SASJ, if NOT a fine of R100 will be imposed for every day the horse / rider remains unregistered. This includes the height certificates for ponies must be approved too and all vaccination details up-to-date

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Additional Notes

Entry Closed On 2019-02-14





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