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Burlington Stables

Fri, 01-Mar-2019
Sat, 02-Mar-2019
Sun, 03-Mar-2019

Competition Name
Show Jumping Show for Junior and Adults Riders

Entry Close On

Course Designer
Anne-Marie Esslinger - FEI Level III

Payment To
Burlington Stables


Entry Message

ALL CLASSES: R350.00 entry fee PER CLASS includes the following levies and VAT    where applicable:-

  • R60 SASJ (open & professional)
  • R40 Amateur(90cm-1.25)   
  • Net entry fee R184.87
  • R  5.13 EDTS
  • R30.00 for Working officials
  • R70.00 Ground levy, ambulance etc

Entry Close Message

FRIDAY 18 Feb 2019                         

Ground Levy Message

Included in the entry fee.

1) Retha 082 685 7139 or 2) Anne-Marie: 011 468 1301 - leave a message if no answer at the office.

Burlington Stables

Vet Inspections



Terms And Conditions


  • Spreads of oxers are usually +20cm wider than height of fences advertised.

  • Classes will be handicapped if there are 8 or fewer entries – No horse may jump in classes 5,6,7,8 on Friday, and again in 13 & 14 on Saturday.




  • Entries will be accepted on a "first come, first served" basis - maximum 220 entries per day.

  • No entries will be deemed “accepted” unless we have received your POP. Proof of Payment must be emailed

  • Please confirm with Retha by closing date that we have received your entry & payment advice. Entries received will be posted on the Burlington website about 1 week after closing date for you to check …this may not be the final running order.

  • The organisers reserve the right to cancel and/or alter the programme should they deem it necessary. Late or entries unaccompanied by the correct entry fee will not be accepted.

  • Current FEI, SAEF & SASJ Show jumping rules apply to this show.

  • Competitors are required to be correctly dressed.

  • Burlington Stables, FEI, SAEF, SASJ, and any of its officials or representatives, shall in no way be held responsible for any loss, damage, theft or injury sustained by horses, riders, appointed officials, the public or their property at the show, caused by, or resulting from this show.

  • Refunds: 80% of the entry fee will be refunded if the show is cancelled due to bad weather – these entries may instead be carried forward to the next show date only. 100% of the entry fee will be refunded if entries are too full to accept more before closing date, or the entry may be carried forward to the next show. A R10.00 deduction per horse entered will be made on refunds if a cash or cheque deposit was made into our account to pay for entry fees.

  • Should entries not warrant running the show on Friday, the classes will be consolidated onto Saturday & Sunday

  • If you have entered for the weekend and entries are too full on Saturday or Sunday, Burlington may move your entry to Friday – please confirm your availability to ride on Friday on the entry form.

  • SALE OF ENTRIES: These must be completed on the correct form, signed by both purchaser and seller, and received by Retha by 12 noon the day before the show.

  • SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions should be made in writing on the correct form (available from SASJ or Retha) as soon as possible – these can be emailed to Retha. No substitutions will be accepted if received less than a half hour before the start of the relevant competition


Will Be available.

Additional Notes

Entry Closed On 2019-02-15





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